Spring Hydrants

Our brass hydrant caps are suitable for Australian spring hydrants. Each hydrant cap is machined with precision and assembled with great care to ensure complete satisfaction. A complete range of accessories is available to complement the use of hydrant caps for pressure logging applications. Accessories include a flushing valve to vent the air from the hose prior to installation and an insertion tool to insert and remove the hydrant cap.


Features and Benefits

The quick fit coupling at the top of the central bolt on the hydrant cap enables the fast connection of flexible hoses supplied by most pressure logger suppliers.


The O ring seal on the base and internal bolt reduce the likelihood of the hydrant cap leaking.


With a solid brass construction this hydrant cap is unlikely to corrode or crack.  Construction materials like aluminium or steel were considered but Aluminium can crack after long term exposure to chlorine and steel will corrode.


  • Pressure samples.
  • Water quality samples.



  • Flushing tool – Used to flush air out of the hose when connecting a pressure logger.
  • Insertion tool – Double ended tool used to insert the Hydrant cap base into the spring hydrant and then to wind the central bolt down to release the seal on the hydrant.