The Euromag MC608 magnetic flow meters are built with precision in Italy to meet all the current water management and monitoring requirements. This battery powered model provides a useful alternative where power supply is not available or the flow meter is being used for temporary investigations.

Features and benefits

Battery powered with an internal battery lasting up to 10 years this reduces installation time by avoiding the need to find an alternative power source solution.

Available in a wide range of sizes from 40mm to 2000mm in PN16 and PN25.

Highly accurate with performance levels +/- 0.4% of read value above flows of 0.4 m/s.

Rugged enclosure with high ingress protection and temperature tolerance this flow meter can be installed above or below ground.

Extended linearity due to an innovative magnetic field design, this sensor provides an extremely wide measurement range from -10 to 10 m/s.

Internal data logger captures 200,000 lines of data reducing the need to connect a data logger.

Connectivity to telemetry or data loggers with analogue and digital outputs.


  • Fire service investigations.
  • Investigating commercial users consumption
  • Pressure Management Zones
  • District Meter Areas
  • Process control