ZoneScan 820 Correlating Logger

The ZoneScan 820 is easily the most advanced, robust and best performing correlating logger available. It is the only radio logger capable not only of logging noise levels, but also recording the sound frequency spectrum with enough detail to correlate. It is therefore, the only radio logger that will accurately localise and locate leak positions. The ZoneScan 820 correlating logger is manufactured in Germany by Gutermann, who are renowned for producing the most innovative and effective water leak detection technology. The ZoneScan 820 correlating logger can be used in several different ways, providing utilities with a highly versatile piece of equipment. The same correlating loggers are used for lift ‘n shift leakage surveys, permanent or short term deployments with drive-by data retrieval and permanent monitoring with the ALPHA modules to collect the data on a daily basis using radio to upload the data to a web host.

Features and benefits

Radio communication enables the operator to quickly communicate with the logger while it is deployed on a hydrant or in the back of a ute without needing to dock it in a case.

Unlimited number of correlating loggers can be added to this system without needing to purchase additional communication cables or docking cables.

This correlating logger is thirty per cent more sensitive than most noise loggers and has the option to operate in normal or high sensitivity. The high sensitivity provides the ability to find small service connection leaks commonly found in Australian water networks.

It is the only logger able to transmit correlation data.

The ZoneScan correlating logger has dual logging functionality, it logs the noise levels and makes sound recordings for correlations. Most loggers only log noise or correlate, they don’t do both. This makes the ZoneScan the only logger that will actually localise and locate the leak position.

With the ZoneScan producing a correlation result within 1 meter of the leak the average on-site pinpointing time is thirty minutes. Pinpointing leaks with standard noise loggers that don’t correlate takes an average of two hours and the operators often have to return at night to perform a correlation. When you add the travel time to this comparison there is a massive reduction in manpower costs with a correlating logger.

A correlating logger needs both the loggers either side of the leak to hear the same noise to indicate there is any possibility of being a leak present. If there are two or three leaks between loggers and these loggers detect different noises a correlating logger can indicate no leak. The noise logger function in the ZoneScan will individually assess the probability of a leak being present based on the noise level and provide a leak indication.

Kit Description

The Zonescan 820 correlating logger Kit consists of 20 or 40 correlating loggers, a radio communication link, antenna and pc software.


  • Leakage surveys
  • Locating a difficult leak
  • Permanent leakage monitoring