The AquaScan 610 water leak correlator is packed with high performance technology and unique features to make this the best correlator for day to day water leakage applications. It is the world’s first cordless water leak correlator and provides highly accurate and error-free leak pinpointing. This premium quality water leak correlator is manufactured in Germany by Gutermann and trusted by leakage operators and contractors throughout Australia. The combination of high performance, elegant design, compact size and advanced features make this the most popular water leak correlator available.

Features and benefits

Compact transmitters with integrated accelerometers (no more cables!) allows working with closed hydrant and valve covers. Historically the biggest cause of water leak correlator failure was due to damage of sensor to transmitter cables. Now this problem has been eliminated!


Bluetooth headphone connection and PC communication provides a reliable cable free form of connectivity.


‘Professional’ and ‘Wizard Assisted’ mode can be selected upon start-up or at any time during operation and offers different levels of sophistication depending upon competency level of the user.


Dynamic Filtering enables the operator to make post correlation adjustments to the filter settings and see the immediate impact of those adjustments, as they are being made. Historically the use of filters to find difficult leaks was seen by many operators as “too hard”, now it is easy with the AquaScan 610 water leak correlator.


The Automatic Spectrum Analysis mode will perform an automatic filter adjustment to refine the quality of the major peak identified in a correlation. This feature is useful to identify quiet leaks or when there are large levels of background noise present.


A high measurement resolution of 16,000 points allows very accurate pinpointing precision, better than 1 cm per 100 m. The AquaScan 610 performs well on all pipe materials and locates difficult leaks including on uPVC and MDPE. Accurate leak pinpointing reducing the costs associated with large excavations.


Large high resolution LCD display with progressively increasing visibility in bright sun-shine and a back light ensures the operator can clearly see the screen, day or night.


Large memory for storing up to 60 correlation measurements for accountability and making adjustments without returning to site. The full FFT information is stored enabling the operator to edit filter settings or pipe material details and re-calculate, once additional information about the site is learned. This saves time by preventing the need to return to site and repeat the correlation process.


Water Leak Correlator Kit Equipment

AquaScan 610 processer, 2 transmitting sensors, 2 antenna, 2 antenna cable extensions, car charger, mains charger and carry case.


Options with the Aquascan 610 water leak correlator include a set of hydrophones for leak detection on PVC pipes.

  • Pressurised liquid pipes.
  • Water distribution networks.
  • Trunk mains