The AquaScan 620L laptop leak noise correlator with compact correlating sensors, a small bluetooth interface box and pc software. The PC software is extremely intuitive and user friendly. It is built on the same advanced platform as the Aquascan TM, Gutermann’s trunk main correlator. The AquaScan 620L leak nose correlator has many of the same features, providing highly sophisticated filtering solutions, easy for the novice and game changing for the experienced operator. This premium quality leak noise correlator is manufactured in Germany by Gutermann and trusted by leakage operators and contractors throughout Australia, New Zealand and many countries around the world.

Features and benefits

Compact transmitters with integrated accelerometers (no more cables!) allows working with closed hydrant and valve covers. Historically the biggest cause of leak noise correlator failure was due to damage of sensor to transmitter cables. Now this problem has been eliminated!

Bluetooth connection provides a reliable cable free form of connectivity between the Laplink and PC.

The highly sophisticated ‘Auto Filter’ mode automatically selects the most relevant frequency bands of interest and amplifies them further to generate an accentuated peak. No more playing around with manual filters in order to try to identify possible leak noise sources. No more ambiguity about the existence of a leak. The AQUASCAN 620L leak noise correlator does it all for you and can even pinpoint multiple leaks in one correlation.

A high measurement resolution of 16,000 points allows very accurate pinpointing precision, better than 1 cm per 100 m. The AquaScan 620L leak noise correlator performs well on all pipe materials and locates difficult leaks including on uPVC and MDPE. Accurate leak pinpointing reducing the costs associated with large excavations.

It’s universally applicable and flexible in use: The versatile AquaScan 620L software runs on any Windows-based computer, whether you prefer a light-weight and low cost ultra-book or tablet or a high-end ruggedized touchscreen computer.

Benefit from the latest software technology: The latest GUTERMANN laptop correlator software builds on the most advanced correlation algorithms in the industry. The aforementioned “Auto Filter” removes ambiguity and provides quick and automatic results. The “Notch Filtering” function removes electrical mains noises from the sound spectrum, including higher harmonics. The clean and clear correlation screen shows the coherence analysis, the cross-spectrum analysis and the two sensor spectra, all of which can easily be switched on or off on the display at any point in time. Correlation files can be saved and exported for safekeeping, subsequent analysis or re-correlation, or for second opinion by an expert. The AQUASCAN 620L leak noise correlator allows free firmware and software updates for the life of the product.

Leak Noise Correlator Equipment

AquaScan 620L LapLink, LapLink Antenna, 2 transmitting sensors, 2 antenna, 2 antenna cable extensions, car charger, a pair of stereo headphones, mains charger and carry case.

Options with the Aquascan 620L Leak Noise Correlator include a set of hydrophones for enhanced leak detection performance on PVC pipes and Trunk Mains.


  • Pressurised liquid pipes.
  • Water distribution networks.
  • Trunk mains