The AquaScope 3 Pocket Mic is the water leak detector kit from Gutermann designed specifically for plumbers. It combines the most sophisticated, digital, water leak detector technology with a user friendly interface. This ensures maintenance plumbers can take the unit out of the case and achieve good results, first time. This state-of-the-art water leak detector technology includes a highly portable and versatile pocket microphone. With the probe attached, leaks can be localised by sounding on pipes, taps and valves. Leaks can be pinpointed in soft ground with the probe contacting “mighty-probes” pushed into the ground. With the microphone attached to a ground plate, leaks can be pinpointed in walls and under driveways and slabs. Gutermann is world renowned for producing the most innovative and effective water leak detector technology.

Features and benefits

Superior Sound Quality with “Digital” Technology enables the operator of this water leak detector kit to clearly distinguish the hiss of a leak from the background static noise created by analogue technology.

Robust Design reduces the chance of accidental damage.

Controller is a comfortable ergonomic design worn around the waist to avoid neck strain and allow the operator to walk at full speed without swinging and having a hand free to open chamber covers.

Minimum noise profiling displays the minimum noise at each sounding point. Leak noise never stops and the point with the loudest, quietest noise is closest to the leak. This feature enables the operator to easily identify the quietest noise at each point.

Memory readout displays minimum noise at the previous 8 sounding points. This enables the operator to quickly identify whether they are going away from or towards the leak.

Simple and intuitive operation with only 5 clearly labelled buttons on the interface panel and an additional button to depress whilst taking a reading, this water leak detector kit is the easiest to operate. Graphical and digital leak information on LCD display with backlight

User Selectable Filters to suppress back ground noises. This feature is essential to find difficult water leaks and unlike many other water leak detection kits, the operator can hear the leak as they adjust the filter and adjust both the low and high cut off in 20Hz increments to “tune in” to the sound of the leak.

Pocket Mic Water Leak Detector Kit

AquaScope 3 – Pocket Mic water leak detector kit
Consists of the Aquascope 3 amplifier, with waist strap, headphones, carry case, microphone cable, high performance pocket mic microphone, ground plate, magnetic attachment, one extension probe and probe tip.


  • Leak detection in caravan parks, hotels, resorts, commercial and residential buildings.
  • Localising the water leak position with the probe.
  • Pinpointing water leaks with the ground plate in walls, concrete slab and under driveways.
  • Pinpointing water leaks in soft ground with the probe.