Water Leak Detection Case Studies


The Misconceptions of Acoustic Leakage Detection

The article highlights practical developments over the last decade in managing water losses in public water supply distribution systems. To further improve the efficiency of acoustic water leak detection, it is necessary to continue to explore techniques of measuring the wave speed in buried plastic water distribution pipes.


Managing Water loss from all angles in Queenstown New Zealand


Queenstown Lakes District Council (QLDC) engaged MWH to develop a water loss programme on leakage reduction through a variety of different measures. The four main objectives of the programme:

  • Develop a programme of active water leak detection and repair works in the areas of highest leakage in Queenstown.
  • Attain an overall reduction in leakage levels of 25% from April 2008 to April 2009.
  • Utilise the most effective water demand reduction measures
  • Raise public awareness of water demand issues and encourage conservation.


Leak Detection in Trunk Mains – A comparison of three Systems

This paper explains the different techniques of water leak detection on trunk mains and compares the results of a new non-invasive system with two established invasive technologies. Part 1 briefly reports simulation testing by Sydney Water on four commercial products. In Part 2, Gutermann equipment was subsequently tested by real-life comparisons in Manila, a busy Asian city with large levels of background noise, even in the middle of the night.


Successful Trunk Main Correlations in Sydney

The Gutermann Aquascan (Trunk Main) correlator recently provided a series of high performance correlations in trials performed in Sydney, Australia. Sydney Water provided a 1.2km of 600mm OD steel trunk main for a series of tests to be performed to evaluate the performance. The testing was administered by Veolia Water and Sydney Water with on-site assistance provided by ADS Environmental.


Operational Efficiencies From Permanent Leakage Monitoring

In this paper we will share information about our vast experience with innovative technologies in reducing water loss and information about our latest system that permanently monitors the network and alerts us as soon as a water leak appears.