Ultraflux Minisonic-ISD Clamp on Interface Detectors for Oil & Petroleum Pipelines

The MiniSonic-ISD clamp on interface detector is a reliable and economical solution to identify the change in product within a pipeline. It measures the speed of an ultrasonic pulse travelling through the product to detect the change in product. The speed of sound is a physical property of the product and relates to density or concentration.With ATEX certification this interface detector can be used in hazardous areas. It incorporates all the intelligence, innovation and experience acquired by Ultraflux in 40 years of being the world’s specialists and technical experts in ultrasonic transit time measurements.



Features and benefits

Suitable for pressurised pipes containing liquids and gases this interface detector can be used for a wide range of applications to indicate a change in internal product or passing of spheres and pigs.


Rugged explosion proof enclosure with an IP67 environmental rating for use in hazardous areas. Also available in a standard enclosure or as a portable instrument.


Ability to measure most pipe diameters. This interface detector measures pipe diameters from 100mm to 1500mm OD with either clamp-on or wetted probes.


The external clamp on probes (without any contact with the liquid) enable quick, easy and low cost installation. The integrity of the pipe is not jeopardised and flow is not disrupted by a shutdown. There are no moving parts so maintenance is not an issue.  With no intrusion into the pipe there are no flow restrictions, pressure drops or turbulence created.


Ability to be powered with low voltage DC this interface detector can be used at remote sites operating on 12 or 24 Volt DC power supply. Requires 9 – 36 Volts DC.  Other options available.


Connectivity – with two 4-20mA outputs and a serial link with MODBUS protocol this interface detector is perfect for integration with instrument panels and pipeline telemetry systems.




  • Identifying change of product at critical stages along the pipeline.
  • Concentration analyser in the chemical industry.
  • Alert at tank filling points.
  • Rapid installation with clamp-on probes is suitable for temporary installations.
  • Tracking of spheres used in oil and petroleum pipelines.
  • Tracking of cleaning and intelligent pigs used in a wide range of pipelines.