The Minisonic-2000 EXD Clamp on Ultrasonic Flow Meter for Hazardous Areas (ATEX)

The MiniSonic-2000 EXD is an accurate and economical permanent ultrasonic flow meter suitable for measuring liquids in full pipes. With ATEX certification this ultrasonic flow meter can be used in a wide range of hazardous areas. It incorporates all the intelligence, innovation and experience acquired by Ultraflux in 40 years of being the world’s specialists and technical experts in ultrasonic transit time measurements.

Features and benefits

Suitable for pressurised pipes containing liquids (including water) this bi-directional ATEX rated ultrasonic flow meter can be used for a wide range of applications.  It is perfect for operational monitoring in most process plants and pipe distribution networks.


The external clamp on probes (without any contact with the liquid) enable quick, easy and low cost installation. The integrity of the pipe is not jeopardised and flow is not disrupted by a shut-down. Having no moving parts, maintenance is not an issue.  With no intrusion in the pipe there are no pressure drops or turbulence.


Ability to measure most pipe diameters. This ultrasonic flow meter has probes to measure from 10mm OD to 3300mm OD. The clamp-on probes are suitable for all metallic and plastic pipes and multi-layered pipes. Not all asbestos pipes are suitable for clamp on probes and insertion probes may be used in more difficult applications (concrete and corroding pipes).


Unrivalled accuracy and versatility with performance accuracy up to 0.5%, measurement resolution less than 0.1 nano second and suitable flow range from 1mm to 45 metres per second.


Four chord input enables this transmitter to receive signals simultaneously from four sets of probes.  These can be attached to the same pipe or different pipes. Multiple chords maybe used on the same pipe when there is a challenging application that requiring four or more sensors to obtain an accurate result. The ability to monitor four separate pipelines simultaneously with one ultrasonic clamp on flow meter is extremely convenient with cost and set up time efficiencies.


Ability to be powered with low voltage DC this ATEX certified ultrasonic clamp on flow meter can be used at remote sites operating on 12 or 24 Volt DC power supply. Requires 9 – 36 Volts DC. Other options available.


Signal quality index displayed as a percentage assists the operator to identify any distortions caused by electrical noise or air bubbles.


Connectivity – with two 4-20mA outputs and 2 alarm status relays this ATEX ultrasonic flow meter is perfect for integration with process management and telemetry systems.


Durable ATEX rated enclosure with a high ingress protection rating of IP67 ensures this ATEX ultrasonic clamp on flow meter is suitable for use in harsh environmental conditions. The backlit display, keypad and wall mount bracket facilitate quick and easy installation and setup. This ultrasonic flow meter is certified to ATEX EEx d IIC T6.




  • Liquid flows in water, raw water, waste water, ultra-pure water, non-conductive water, oil, chemicals, refined and raw petroleum products.
  • Difficult applications including entrained solids, encrusted pipe work and foodstuffs.
  • Suitable for different pipes (steel, stainless steel, asbestos cement, cast iron and carbon fibre).
  • Fire main monitoring.
  • Flow measurement for acids and chlorides.
  • Flow measurement for ultra-pure water.