About Us

Hydrographic Technologies is partnered with the world’s leading manufacturers to deliver premium quality instrumentation to the water and gas utilities in Australia.
Our innovative solutions provide accurate and reliable equipment to monitor pressure and flow in water, waste water and gas pipelines as well as rivers and open channels. We are committed to ensuring the equipment supplied is fit for purpose and our knowledgeable team of sales engineers will be pleased to provide a high level of technical and aftersales support.


Our product portfolio includes:

  • Fixed flow meters for liquid and gas pipelines using ultrasonic clamp on sensors or probes.
  • Portable clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters for liquid and gas pipelines to validate the calibration of fixed flow meters, investigate potential leakage by capturing minimum night flows and calibrating the hydraulic model.
  • Hydrant caps to obtain a sample from Australian style spring hydrants.
  • Open channel / river flow meter to measure the flow rate based on an area / velocity calculation.
  • Interface detectors for multi-product oil pipelines. They measure and identify changes in product content based on the transit time of an ultrasonic signal passing between two probes installed on the pipeline.
  • Pig signalling sensors to capture the point when a cleaning pig passes through a particular point on a water, gas or oil pipeline.

We work very closely with our partners to ensure our customers receive the highest level of after sales service and support. We are the Australian distributor for Ultraflux of France.




Founded in 1974 by a pioneer in transit time ultrasonic measurements, Ultraflux has built a formidable reputation over the last forty years. Having the experience of manufacturing six generations of flow measurement instruments, the performance and quality of their equipment is second to none. With the founder of the company being the technical director, there has always been a strong commitment to research and development.  This has provided Ultraflux with technical superiority on difficult applications.  Ultraflux has made a strong commitment to supporting our activities in Australia and their business throughout the Asia Pacific region by establishing regional sales and service centres in Thailand and China.