Intelligent Water Leak Monitoring System

About Us

Hydrographic Technologies is partnered with the world’s leading manufacturers to deliver premium quality instrumentation in Australia and New Zealand.

Our innovative solutions provide accurate and reliable equipment to monitor pressure and find water leaks in pressurised pipes. Aquascope water leak detector kits for plumbers, Aquascan leak noise correlators and Zonescan leak noise loggers from Gutermann.

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Latest News

Farewell Ultraflux

Hydrographic Technologies has decided to stop promoting the Ultraflux products and focus on core business, products directly related to Non-Revenue Water. Ultraflux have a service centre in Thailand who can service any ongoing maintenance issues. Contact details can be found on

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Gutermann appoint Hydrogr.

Gutermann, innovators and leaders in water leak detection equipment have appointed Hydrographic Technologies as exclusive distributor for the New Zealand

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Queenstown New Zealand Water Leak Detection

Featured Case Study – NZ

Managing Water loss from all angles in Queenstown, New Zealand.
Queenstown Lakes District Council (QLDC) engaged MWH to develop a water loss program on leakage reduction through a variety of different measures. The objectives of the program include active water leak detection in areas with the highest leakage, pressure reduction and raising public awareness of water demand to encourage conservation. Gutermann water leak detection equipment was selected by Queenstown lakes district council.

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Trunk Main Water Leak Detection

Featured Case Study – Aus

A case study proving the effectiveness of trunk main water leak detection in Sydney, Australia with the prototype to the Aquascan TM trunk main leak noise correlator.

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